Relax. Unwind.  Treat Yourself  To Some Polden Wine.

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Here at Polden Wines, we grow two varieties of grape that were planted in 2008 within a total area of 2 acres: Pinot Noir which takes up 2/3 of the area, with the remainder being planted to Chardonnay. The two varieties yield the same tonnage but as can be seen from above, the Pinot Noir is a lower yielding grape. It’s seductive colour and complex flavours give it advantage to be used either as a full Red, Rose or to have a small quantity included in a White sparkling wine, enriching the colour.


The main constituent of the White sparkling wine is Chardonnay, the grape used to make Champagne. We use this variety un-oaked for both still and sparkling white. Having been grown in England with cooler temperatures than the New World Chardonnay grapes are exposed to has, we believe a very positive effect on the resulting flavour and texture: Polden Chardonnay used in still and sparkling wine is clean and fresh, with a hint of citrus, making it very different from the heavier and more viscous non-English Chardonnay wines.


All Polden wines are Single Vineyard, meaning that the grapes from which the wine is pressed only comes from Stocklands vineyard and is not blended with grapes from any other source. The wines are mostly single variety i.e. only Chardonnay or Pinot Noir in the bottle, however this year 2020 we intend to make a sparkling wine with a blend of both varieties, being ready in 2024 we have plenty of time to think of a name but already have named it as…………………..Polden Carnival!!

All Polden Wines are suitable for vegans. 

Polden Blush 

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A light pressed Pinot Noir exhibits colours of rose with subtle amber. Chills well overnight keeping notes of fresh summer berries on the palate, or a light chill will result in a finish of cherry with a hint of almond.

At 11.5% alcohol content, the wine lends its versatility to standing alone as an aperitif, or supporting risotto, paella, pulses, light meats, salmon and tuna. Lightly chilled, the wine is a great accompaniment to summer fruit pavlova, syllabub or summer pudding. Available at £12.50 per bottle.

Polden Star

This clear, bright and fresh Un-oaked Chardonnay chilled overnight depicts light citrus and clean minerality. With age; three to four years old, it offers the palette subtle honey and apricot.

A refreshing 11.5% alcohol content makes this an easy drinking aperitif, the perfect choice for a picnic, light lunch or to partner Tapas. Great with a Biryani and lightly spiced dishes, white and smoked fish and when the nights are cold and dark, the ambient aged Polden Star bolsters blue cheese with style. Available at £12.50 per bottle.

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Greenhill Estate Pinot Noir

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Greenhill Estate Pinot Noir 2018, currently available. To be followed with Polden Ruby available June 2021:

Pale ruby in colour, light-bodied at 11.5% with silky texture and nice balance, this pretty wine offers a wealth of options. Served at ambient temperature a good length of finish follows strawberry and light rose petal aroma, partnering dishes of terrine, pates, seed, nut and tofu dishes, but also supporting light meats and game. Try it chilled to entice the liquorice, pepper and spice out! Unusual, but it works to compliment artichokes, asparagus, pasta dishes or a platter of crudite. Absolutely fine on its own as a refreshing alternative aperitif. Available at £14.50 per bottle.

Local Wine Stalls

Why not visit us at one of our local wine stalls across Somerset! These take place in a variety of venues including our very own vineyard as well as North Curry Produce Market and Burrowbridge Produce Market. To find out more please get in contact with us here.